River Valley Hearing is a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. We do not accept U-Care or Medical Assistance (MA) at this time. . In some cases, patients are able to submit claims through their supplemental insurance. We can assist our clients with a solution to best fit their needs.


River Valley Hearing works with EVERY major hearing aid manufacturer. We are able to assist you with the repairs for your hearing aid. If we do not have the parts in stock we are able to send the hearing aid out for repair or order the parts that we need to ensure your hearing instrument is working in tip-top shape.

Ear Cleaning

River Valley hearing does NOT currently offer ear canal cleaning, though we would be happy to check your ears to see if there is any obstruction or wax build up free of charge.

Our techs are certified to perform hearing evaluations, recommend fittings and products, and take ear impressions. We stay up-to-date on our CEU's each year to keep in compliance. If one of our certified techs discovers an abnormality during your visit we will refer you to a trusted Audiologist in the area. 


How often should I get a hearing evaluation?

At River Valley hearing we recommend you get your hearing checked every two years. As you age, it can become more necessary to have your hearing evaluated on an annual basis.

We can help new customers that currently have hearing aids that were not purchased through us. With the exception of a few models, we are able to service your hearing aids and offer equivalent replacements.

If I already have a hearing aid...

We accept every major credit card, cash and check. We are also a care credit provider. To learn more, please click here for more information and to apply. 

Do you offer payment plans?


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