RVH Services

River Valley Hearing is available to assist you with a variety of services on your path to better hearing. If you don't see what you're looking for just give us a call! We can help clarify our capabilities and refer you elsewhere if needed. 


Hearing Aid Repair & Cleanings

River Valley Hearing works with a variety of hearing aid instrument brands, makes and models. We are able to provide general repair to your hearing device in the event of an issue. If you have a hearing aid that needs repair or you are unsure of what the problem may be, please call or stop by River Valley Hearing. Our trusted team will take a look and help you get back to better hearing. 



Custom Hearing Protection

Many industries, recreational activities and hobbies require the use of custom hearing protection. Whether you are in need of custom hearing protection for work, hunting, swimming, sleeping or any other reason, call RVH. During your visit, we will take impressions of your ear and custom fit your protective instrument to your ear. Call us or stop by to learn more about your specific need.



Follow-up Counseling

Hearing aids are only an instrument to assist us through the hearing health journey. Proper education and follow-up are required for the best results. The brain needs time to acclimate to your hearing device. Our team of trusted technicians will help you and your family adjust throughout the process and help you to understand the expectations during your hearing journey.




Hearing Aid Fittings & Adjustments

With the results of your hearing evaluation, RVH can properly custom fit and adjust your hearing instrument. If after some time you begin to feel discomfort, visit us again for an adjustment. Your hearing aid should always be comfortable and offer clarity of sound. If this ever ceases to be true, we will correct the situation and get you back to better hearing. Just visit our qualified hearing technicians at River Valley Hearing in Upper North Mankato. 



No-Obligation Hearing Evaluation

Get your no-risk, no-obligation hearing evaluation with River Valley Hearing. During our evaluation you will be tested for hearing loss, speech recognition and bone conduction. We offer this service to any client no matter the need. Whether you are looking for a baseline to test your hearing or your are experiencing hearing loss, schedule an appointment today to learn your specific needs. 



CapTel Provider 

River Valley Hearing offers CapTel phones and installation to assist with communication. This service is designed to help people with hearing loss use the phone to stay socially connected with loved ones, conduct important business, and best of all, maintain confident communications for a longer, happier, healthier life. Ask one of our qualified hearing technicians today!






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